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Harness over 15 years of design expertise specifically tailored for SMP clinics and artists. We're not just another agency – we're your partner in growth.

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Your potential clients don't know your clinic or service exists. Or they think you are expensive. Use marketing and design to communicate your value to them effectively.

While You Dot the Scalp, We Dot the Design!

Managing an SMP clinic keeps you busy enough. While you give the perfect hairlines, let us line up the perfect designs. Your craft, our canvas – let's make magic!

Convert Craft to Customers

Doing a stellar SMP job is just half the equation. We help you bridge the gap, reaching and educating your audience on the unmatched value you bring.

From unique logos and brand identities to compelling websites and polished video edits—discover our dedicated design expertise for the SMP industry.

The Design Process, Simplified

Experience a smooth journey with our streamlined design workflow, letting you prioritize what truly matters.

1. Select & Order

Choose your desired design and finalize your payment.

2. Share Your Vision

Submit your branding materials and specify your objectives for the design asset we'll create.

3. Receive & Revise

Get your custom design, backed by a 30-day guarantee and 30 days of unlimited revisions.

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Discover how SMP businesses, just like yours, have transformed their brand narratives and achieved unparalleled growth with VisualPilot SMP.

HighLead, the SMP Growth System


An industry front-runner, HighLead is a SaaS platform built to turbocharge Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) and Permanent Make-up (PMU) clinics. Through a seamless blend of enhanced lead generation and optimized client management, HighLead stands as a testament to growth and efficiency.


The brand presence paired with diverse marketing tools propelled HighLead to become the go-to solution for SMP experts. The outcomes? Enhanced engagement, augmented lead conversion, and an elevated brand reputation.

Strategy & Execution

Brand Blueprint: A fresh logo, color scheme, and visual theme to resonate with the target audience.Digital Footprint: Created an array of online assets, from social media materials to landing pages, enhancing digital visibility.Tangible Collaterals: Curated offline materials like brochures, roll-up banners, and more, ensuring a consistent brand message.Video Assets: Promo, explainer, and testimonial videos brought the platform’s advantages to life.Web Wizardry: Led the complete web design journey, right from brainstorming sketches to the polished prototype.Animation Artistry: Introduced captivating motion graphics to augment HighLead's promotional arsenal.

Vanguard SMP: Excellence in Treatment & Training


In the Scalp Micropigmentation world, Vanguard SMP stands dual-fold: as a top-tier treatment clinic and an award-winning training powerhouse in Orlando, Florida. With an industry-leading graduate count from their academy and top-notch SMP services, they shine under the leadership of Dennis Romero. Esteemed for his personal connection to hair loss and unmatched dedication to his craft, Dennis symbolizes the brand's commitment to understanding and serving clients at the deepest level.


With a refreshed and unified brand narrative, Vanguard SMP has fortified its position both as an SMP clinic of choice and a premier training institute. The designs have accelerated brand recognition, leading to increased clientele for treatments and an upsurge in academy enrolments, truly setting Vanguard SMP & Academy apart.

Strategy & Execution

Logo Synergy: Elevated the clinic's primary logo while artistically crafting the distinct yet complementary academy logo.Brochures & Guides: Crafted a series – from the informative training academy brochure to the clinic's trifold and the exhaustive pricing guide – each resonating with Vanguard SMP's ethos.Video Brilliance: Delivered catchy video edits for Instagram and Facebook Reels, capturing the brand's essence and offerings.Digital Presence: Enriched social media platforms with tailor-made covers, profile images, posts, and ads, weaving a cohesive digital brand story.Tangible Identity: From business cards and postcards to prestigious training certificates, ensured every touchpoint mirrored Vanguard SMP's premium quality. Also innovated a captivating popup for the website, enhancing user experience.

TheSMPClinic: SMP Mastery


Boasting the title of the #1 Scalp Micropigmentation clinic in Naples, Florida, TheSMPClinic is more than just a title – it's a commitment. With the non-surgical Cosmetic Hair Tattoo treatment, they seamlessly replicate hair follicles' natural appearance. Catering to a diverse clientele, regardless of hair loss stage, age, or skin type, the clinic ensures optimal results over an efficient 3-4 session timeline.


The unified and strategic brand presentation not only bolstered TheSMPClinic's reputation but also empowered potential clients with knowledge. The blend of design brilliance and informative content positions TheSMPClinic as a trusted and go-to SMP destination in Florida.

Strategy & Execution

Logo & Identity: Fashioned a signature logo and comprehensive brand guidelines, encapsulating TheSMPClinic's vision.Educative Imagery: Crafted detailed illustrations of baldness stages and hairlines, enhancing client awareness and expectations.Digital Landscaping: From a cohesive web design to targeted landing pages, we laid out an interactive and informative digital journey for potential clients.Printed Prowess: Delivered a range of tangible materials - be it the enlightening trifold brochures, professional business cards, the corporate folder, or the essential consent form.Visibility and Recall: Elevated brand presence with strategically designed signage, rollups, and a robust digital design system.Social Media Mastery: Infused the brand's essence across platforms with an imaginatively designed profile, covers, ads, and posts.

Recommendations from our clients

"Exceeded our expectations. I am surprised the general public has access to such talent. We will only use VisualPilot SMP services from now on!"

Chris Helms from HighLead

Chris Helms
Founder and Director at HighLead

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"VisualPilot SMP stands out from others, they have helped my business tremendously in terms of branding and in many different visual assets. "

Dennis Romero from Vanguard SMP

Dennis Romero
Founder and Artist at Vanguard SMP

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"VisualPilot SMP? Hook it up. It's gonna really help streamline your communications within your SMP business or any business for that matter!"

Patricia Caudillo from Scalp Studio

Patricia Caudillo
Founder and Artist at Scalp Studio

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